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Last Modified: 04/13/06

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Note: You must have at least SAINT Engine Version 1.0.3 in order to properly program the firmware with the SX-Blitz and version 1.1.0 to program with the SX-Key!

Bus Version Details
ACP 1.6 Release Notes
BEAN 1.4 Release Notes
CAN 2.9 Release Notes
Class2 3.1 Release Notes
E&C 1.1 Release Notes
High Speed IIC Monitor 2.1 Release Notes
IE Bus Device 1.2 Release Notes
IE Bus Monitor 1.1 Release Notes
IDB 2.3 Release Notes
J1708 1.1 Release Notes
J1850 2.0 Release Notes
Keyword 2000 1.8 Release Notes
Keyword 82 2.0 Release Notes
Keyword 71 1.0 Release Notes
LIN 1.3 Release Notes
SPI Monitor 2.0 Release Notes
SPI Controller 2.1 Release Notes
SPI XX (Master/Slave) 1.0 Release Notes
Firmware Downloads:
Saint busses (all) 35k bytes
Saint USB busses (all) 35k bytes
SX Blitz!
SAINT First Time Installer:
Note: This installation is required on a computer that has not previously had any SAINT files installed.

File Version Details
SAINT First Time Installer 1.2 Release Notes
USB drivers for Win 98/ME Release Notes
USB drivers for Win 2000/XP Release Notes
SAINT Engine (Requires Windows 95 or higher):

File Version Details
SAINT Bus Engine 1.1.0 Release Notes
VB Runtime Engine SP6 One-time only install
National Instruments Runtime 7.0 Release Notes
SAINT Monitor Message File 01.11.05 NA
SAINT Engine Plugins (Requires Windows 95 or higher):
Note: Please contact
Scott Herren to request a specific plugin other than the one(s) below.

File Version Details User Guide Author
SAINT Bus Monitor 2.1.6 Readme 1.1 Hawkins
AcitveX Logo
Palm (Palm OS):
Note: The following downloads require Palm OS Version 3.5 or higher!!

File Version Details
Palm SAINT 1.1 Release Notes
Palm Logo

Palm Devices